Flying Above the Glass Ceiling

                                                                               Flying Above the Glass Ceiling   
                                                                                         By Captain Nina Anderson

                                                                                          ISBN 1-9781884820-94-6
                                                                                                $14.95    136 ppg

Nina tells the fascinating “behind the cockpit door” stories of many significant female aviators.  I, for one, am delighted to share my secrets and
hope that you’ll use this re-source to help you advance your own pilot career.”
Captain Karen Kahn

The history of Women in Aviation is a hard earned story of the persistence of many brave and tenacious women who have overcome the
dominance of a male oriented profession. Nina Anderson and her literary companions provide abundant information to assist and encourage
young women to follow their interest in an aviation career. It takes persistence, passion and deter
Janice Barden, Founder and Chairman, Aviation Personnel International

The stories these women share, stories of perseverance and tenacity aligned with the highest degree of competence, best reflect the
characteristics of all women who have challenged themselves to become aviators. Flying Above the Glass Ceiling creates role models for all
aspiring commercial pilots to admire and follow. Those of us in the Ninety-Nines Organization of Women Pilots recognize the enormity of the
steps they took and congratulate Nina for presenting real-life examples of the problems they faced and how they solved them.
Susan Larson, President The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots

This book is far more than a tribute to the amazing women who persevered to carve out a permanent place for women in aviation. Flying Above
the Glass Ceiling is a celebration of human triumph over obstacles. A must read for anyone interested in pursuing and achieving the dream of
a career in aviation.
Captain Caroline Bryan, President, Women in Corporate Aviation
Table of Contents
Jan Barden

Chapter One
Fighting to Fly

Chapter Two
Women Airline Pilots – Finally!
Emily Howell Warner  
Bonnie Tiburzi
Julie Clark
Karen Kahn
Gail Gorski
Connie Tobias  

Chapter Three
Corporate Aviatrix
The Corporate Job
Nina Anderson
Katha House
Susan Anderson
Cher Hanssen
Valerie Wells

Chapter Four
A Look from the Ground
Anne Armstrong
Diane Levine Wilson

Chapter Five
Flying Today …Achieving Success!
Beth Jenkins
Kim Kosciusko

Lynn Thoma

Chapter Six
Resources for pilots
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Are women still a novelty in the cockpits of airline and corporate aircraft? Of the more than 600,000 pilots in the USA, 6 percent are women and of